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4301 W William Cannon Dr Ste E220
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 (512) 892-7627
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Your top choice toy store of Austin, TX.

Lions & Tigers & Toys is an enchanting specialty toy store located in The Shops at Arbor Trails offering a classic selection of toys,bookspuzzlesgames and puppets. We offer wooden, green, retro and unique treasures. We pride ourselves on friendly service including expert recommendations and complimentary gift wrapping.

We are proud to accept the Go Local Austin discount card. We offer a 10% discount off your total toy purchase (excluding Legos) when you present your card at checkout. Don't have a card? Purchase one here!

Stop in today at our Austin, TX store and get a glimpse of our extraordinary collection of children's toys and books!

Why Are We the Best Toy Store in Austin

Toys For All

Lions & Tigers & Toys have toys for kids of all ages! From stuffed animals to model airplanes to board games, we have everything your child could want! We keep our shelves stocked with the best quality toys for all age groups.

Best Prices

Whether you're looking to buy toys for your kids or gift them, we've got great prices here. We take pride in the fact we offer a much lower price than our competitors in the Austin area. With durable and long-lasting toys for all kids, you'll be hard-pressed to find better!

Exclusive Toys

This is perhaps one of the more challenging parts of being a parent who's buying a toy. You need to understand how age-appropriate different toys are for your kids. Checking the packaging can and labels can help you understand the age of the child the toy is meant for.

Organized & Easy To Find

You and your children will have a great experience looking through our store. We have it organized into categories and age groups to ensure that you can find the toys you want easier. If you have any difficulty navigating the store, please feel free to ask our staff for directions.

Experienced Staff

With the number of toys and games for kids in our store, there are chances that you might get confused. There is no need to worry because our helpful staff can assist you. They are friendly and knowledgeable about different types of toys and where you can find them in our store.

Seasonal Discounts

Don't forget to look out for our Lions & Tigers & Toys holiday sales and discounts! You'll find the latest toys at the lowest prices in the neighborhood. This can make holiday shopping for kids a much easier affair for adults!

Things to Check Before Choosing a Toy for Your Child

Material Used

This is the first and most important thing you need to check for when buying a toy. Ensure that the toys you buy for your children are lead, nickel, and phthalate free. These are highly toxic chemicals and cause health issues in your children.

Safety While Using It

Before you give the toy to your children to play with, ensure their safety. Read instructions and directions on the packaging of the toy. Make sure the packaging itself has no sharp edges or abrasive surfaces that can hurt your children.

Check Appropriate Age

This is perhaps one of the more challenging parts of being a parent who's buying a toy. You need to understand how age-appropriate different toys are for your kids. Checking the packaging can and labels can help you understand the age of the child the toy is meant for.

Educational Value

There are many options to choose from for your kid. A toy should not just be about amusing children, but it should also be an educational experience. It could be a simple science kit or even art supplies they can use to express their creativity.

Quality Of The Toy

Something all parents need to pay attention to is the quality of the toy. The better the quality and materials used in the toy, the longer it will last. Avoid cheap knockoff brands when you're buying something for your children. They'll fall apart quickly and have you rushing to get a replacement.

Size Of The Toy

Ensure that you get toys that are the right size for them to handle safely. How big a toy affects how your child will play with it. Remember, when buying smaller toys, check for choking hazards and other issues before you give them the toy.

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Toy Store - FAQs


As a parent, the first thing you need to do is observe how your child interacts with their existing toys. You need to get them more durable toys if they're rough with them. A curious child might like puzzles and other more fulfilling games.


There are many things that you should look for when buying a toy for your child. A premium toy store will have a huge selection of toys to choose from. The toys they stock are from reputed brands and are not cheap versions of the original. Finally, they have staff who can make helpful suggestions during your purchase.


There are certain toy qualities that you should look for before buying a toy for your child. One of these qualities is determining the materials used to manufacture the toy. Also, keep an eye out for warning labels of toxic substances used in toys.


Every toy usually has all its material constituents on its packaging. Paying close attention to this can help you identify hazardous chemicals in your child's toy. Ensure that you learn the names of a few substances that you need to be wary of when choosing a toy.


Yes, there will be holiday sales and offers that you can take advantage of during shopping. The one thing you should remember is that these sales might be limited. This means you might need to plan ahead when you want to get your child the toy they want.


At Lions & Tigers & Toys, we have many toys you will not find anywhere else. Visit our store and talk to our staff to find the right toy for your kids. We can also help you source a particularly hard-to-find toy from anywhere in the world.